Travel Grants: To Meet Travel Expenses of Students

By | August 17, 2013

Traveling can be a wonderful experience especially when you are a student. It becomes sometimes very important and memorable as well, but many students are unable to take advantage of these trips because they lack enough funding for the trips. Travel grants are offered by organizations that provide funding for students to travel all over the world. However, most of these funding opportunities are available for students who wish to study abroad and for those who are associated with academic research and professional projects.

If you are a student and you find that there is outside funding needed to support any of your educational trips, you should look for the options through all possible ways. The U.S Department of State funds cultural exchange trips all over the world and for this the largest exchange program named Fulbright program has been designed.  Fulbright not only sends U.S students abroad, but also hosts several international exchanges inside the United States. So, if you are connected to any such program and you require financial support, find out whether you are eligible to apply for Fulbright grants or not.

Most of the travel grants are associated with educational projects and are focused on educational purposes. The grants for traveling are also available through specific organizations or academic institutes that include traveling in their educational curriculum. So, start looking for the options by visiting the financial aid office of your institute and then checking out the websites that can help you find one.

It is advisable to explore the local options also because it is comparatively easier to compete at this level because the number of applicants is less. Find out about the organizations and foundations that would support your cause behind traveling and then approach them with proper grant proposal. Your proposal should include the purpose and the benefits that the people of your locality and community will receive due to your journey to specific place. Do not leave any stone unturned when you are looking for funding options.

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms offers travel grants for those students and individuals who are interested in organize farming. Similarly, Pulitzer Center one Crisis Reporting offers grants for those how travel for reporting projects that are related to global topics. However, whether you are interested in the former grants program or the latter, you have to qualify for the travel grants to apply for them and have chances of receiving the fund.

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