Playground Grants: An Effective Way to Fund Your Playground Projects

By | August 25, 2013

If you find that your school or your community needs a new playground or there are repair works or equipments needed in the existing playgrounds, you can apply for the playground grants that are accessible in your area. Although there is no such financial assistance programs offered by the federal government, you can look for assistance available through manufacturers and retailers of playground equipments. Most of these manufacturers will provide funding only when you buy equipments from their companies or have some other conditions before giving you the financial assistance.

Grants for playground development and creation are also available through nonprofit organizations along with less restrictive uses of the grant money. Look for them so that you get the funding which you can use according to your playground needs and make changes if something else is found important even after getting the money. There are some corporate sectors and foundations also that can provide you with the necessary funding for the development of the playground.

Most of these organizations fund the playgrounds that are designed to help children have proper and safe place to play within their reach. There is a standard distance within which a playground can be built and if there is none, you can take up the project by getting financial assistance from governmental and nongovernmental agencies. There are organizations that provide training on how to plan and execute playground projects. So, research well and spend some time to find resources of funding for playground in your school or community.

Besides, there are grants for playground projects funded by various manufacturers and retailers of the playground equipments. Most of these will provide you with the equipments manufactured in their companies and they will provide you considerable discount on the purchase of new equipments. There is an added advantage of seeking financial assistance from these companies because they have experience handling and installing different equipments and they might help you in the accomplishment of your playground project efficiently.

Another method of funding playground projects is through fundraising programs. These prove to be an additional support for the projects because usually the money through playground grants is not enough to support the entire project. Always keep in mind that finding the right kind of funding is very important especially when you are looking for accomplishment of projects for the betterment of the community in which you live. Playground grant opportunity does not change often, so find details and apply immediately.

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