Grants for Quilting: To Support Quilt Making Art

By | September 13, 2013

Many believe that the art of quilting needs support for preservation. Fortunately, there are grants for quilting available for those who are associated with this art and with collection of quilts as well. The funding is offered by a nonprofit organization, the National Quilting Association. The association had started with few dedicated quilters and now it has a network of local chapters throughout the nation. There is a quilt show organized every year where the quilt makers and the sponsors of this industry meet.

The organization also pays attention to offer certification to quilting teachers who work with the beginners in this field.  Quilting research grant is available for those who want to do something unique about quilts and in quilting business as well. It also provides recognition for the judges who are involved in quilting competition to evaluate the performances of different quilters.  Even those who are involved in quilt making business must not be aware of these facilities provided for them.

The most pitiable part of these grants is that the ones for whom these are made available remain unaware of the fact for a long time. There is awareness needed among people so that they come to know that there is help available for them. Since grant for quilts is offered to almost all who are interested in learning this art and progressing it further, this should be made known to the people who really need this.

So, if you are interested in getting the training of quilting, gather complete information about the quilt education grant and then apply for the financial assistance if you qualify. The best place to look for the financial assistance programs is internet. Gather complete details so that you are well informed before you start applying. Although the application process of any grant is the most important part, gathering complete information and that too from a reliable source is more important.

Funding through quilting community outreach program is available for organizations as well as individuals for their different types of quilting projects. Funding also supports dedicated teachers in this field. Researchers that work on history of quilting and quilt makers also receive funding for their projects.

Visiting the official website of the National Quilting Association will help you gather details about the grant program. Read everything thoroughly and understand the process of application properly. Apply for the grant money if you fulfill the eligibility criteria.

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