Grants for Monkeys: Funding For Helping Monkeys

By | September 6, 2013

Very few are aware that monkeys are used as service animals. Grants for monkeys are available for those organizations that train monkeys to provide them to people with mobility impairments. Dogs have been used as service animals for different kinds of disabled people in past, but nowadays people are training other animals like helper monkeys to help people in different ways. In fact, monkeys have been friendly to people and this we all know by observing them do the activities to imitate human beings.

Although the training for monkeys takes a period of seven years, it is worth giving because they have a longer lifespan and they can serve people for next 25 to 30 years. This is comparatively quite long because a trained service dog can provide service for almost 10 – 15 years at the most. There are different kinds of physical disabilities in people where they are provided help from service animals.

Training of service animals needs lot of financial and physical involvement. There is need of money to carry on the training program and the health of the animals is also taken care of during this time. Since people have realized the monkeys are also our friends and can serve human beings under certain situation and with proper direction and training. Monkeys are being trained by many organizations these days to help people with needs, physical disabilities and also used for some jobs that need help from monkeys.

However, training and taking care of the monkeys require lot of money and therefore grants for monkeys for disabled people are available to help this organization achieve their objectives and goals. If you are associated with any of these organizations or you know about the organization in your locale, make them aware of the funding that is available in support of their effort and cause. They can search for the suitable foundations and governmental sources that can help them with funding and then apply for them through grant proposal.

If you are applying for grants for helping monkeys on behalf of your organization, make sure you mention the activities and type of training that is carried out within your organization. You might have to produce documents in support of your statement. So prepare yourself about the application process and apply effectively. Try to persuade the panel to consider your organization the most eligible one for the grant money for helping monkeys.

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