Free Dentures: Maintain Your Health, Hygiene and Self Esteem

By | August 9, 2013

For many low income group of people getting free dentures would be a dream and it is not so easy to make this dream come true. Dentures are expensive because there is skill and expertise needed in the making of each denture. On the other hand there are many people who are in need of proper dental care but they do not receive it just because they lack enough funding for the treatment. However there is assistance available for free dentures low income so that people who cannot afford can receive the apt treatment.

Although you might find articles and advertisement that would say that there is free dental treatment available, you must be aware that most of these are accessible for low income group of people and for senior citizens only. If you are not able to find funding at local level, you should get in touch with university clinic because they would be able to give you more feasible options. However, as far as funding is concerned, you can make an approach to The Dental Lifetime Network, which is a nationwide network that consists of dentists and labs offering free comprehensive dental treatment.

The best place to look for free dentures for seniors is by visiting the official website of the DLN. You will have to select your state and then look for the state program coordinator. The availability of the program and assistance depends on the number of dentists that have joined the network in your state. Apart from this, you can look for the federal government grants for dental care that is offered to low income group of people, seniors and for disabled. Some of the programs might support your dental care treatment, but not fund you for the dentures.

Check out local resources to get financial assistance for dental care. Many of them would help you with free to lower cost dental services in your area while some might help you get free dentures as well. Alternative ways of funding could be dental schools or dental hygiene schools. Also, there are some organizations that provide denture grants to those who are in real need and these sometimes include dentures also.

Remember, patience and consistency will help you find the funding you are in need of. If you belong to a specific category like seniors, disabled or low income, you should look for grants available for that specific group of people.

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