Free Cataract Surgery: For Those Who Cannot Afford

By | August 26, 2013

There are many eye disorders that result in complete or partial vision loss just because it was not treated on time. There could be many reasons behind this, but most often lack of proper financing happens to be the cause. There is free cataract surgery available for those who cannot afford to pay for the cost of the surgery through a nonprofit organization in the United States. Cataract is the most common cause of blindness and it is clouding of the eye lens. The condition can be treated with surgery with quite a less time involvement and the cost is also not very high for it.

The cataract surgery is done by removing the original lens and replacing it with an artificial one. Mission cataract USA is dedicated organizations that helps people who have been prescribed cataract surgery get it done before it is too late. It has a network in some of the selected states in the United States and to be eligible for the funding you must be experiencing day to day difficulty in viewing things which is due to cataract in your eyes. Another condition to be eligible for the financial support is that you should not be having any access to health insurances that can cover your cost of surgery.

If you fulfill the requirements of free cataract surgery support, you should go through the list of participating doctors and clinics that carry out the surgical process for free. You can apply for the assistance with the location that is closest to your state. However, if you are a medical professional you can participate in the volunteering and dedicate your service through this program. You can contact the concerned official of the organization for that.

Apart from Mission Cataract USA there are some other organizations that offer free eye exams even though they do not offer free surgery. So, if you find yourself looking for assistance to help you correct your eye disorder, find out from the online resources and from the healthcare office whether there is financial assistance available or not and also whether or not you would qualify for that assistance.

Usually, these kinds of assistance are available for low income individuals, but going through the details is vital to be certain. It is possible that you do not qualify for the free cataract surgery assistance, but you might get at least partial financial support or get refereed to an affordable clinic.

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